About Us

We love to take you to places where your soul can breathe!

The story began in January of 2005 when Sima Hashemifar, the founder of S. H. Journey, then a materials engineer, working at the Intel Corporation, consciously left the High Tech world to walk on a new path. 

In her transitioning to more of an experience based spiritual life, an epiphany began to take shape; to share this vision of life with her fellow travelers. The path that would potentially benefit humans in a different manner.

For years Sima had equally immersed herself in the matters of mind & matter. She started teaching the wisdom of daily life and planned retreats for students around the world on the subjects of self mastery & discovery. 

S. H. Journey was born in 2006 to create the voyage of body, mind and soul for all human beings where contemplation, unique experiences, and self & world discoveries were intermingled in perfect balance.

Happily, with our branch in Vancouver, Canada we have grown to an all inclusive full service journey company serving groups and individuals.